Andrea Mitchell: 'I Was Very Moved, Being Up There, Looking Out Over The Masses'

Ah, the masses. How they loved President Obama's inaugural speech.  And how Andrea Mitchell, being "up there," loved looking out over them.  She was "very moved."

Yes, on Morning Joe today, NBC correspondent Mitchell not only said that she was "very moved, being up there . . . looking out over the masses," but that she found the speech "uplifting," and that it was "a bigger moment that a lot of people originally gave it credit for."  View the video after the jump.

Watch Mitchell--epitome of the inside-the-beltway-elite--gush over the speech--and her apparently lofty perch.


ANDREA MITCHELL: I just want to say, there were moments in this speech, but there was a theme, we the people go back to the Founders, think of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. There was an uplifting, beyond rhetoric, there was a theme of our job is not finished until our gay brothers and sisters have equal rights under the law. This was a bigger moment, I think, than a lot of people initially gave it credit for. I just think, with re-election, he is thinking much more broadly and much more inclusively, and I was very moved, just being up there in that frozen crowd, looking out over the masses.

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