Obama Czar Rattner: Colin Powell Feels 'Hostility' From GOP Because He's Black

Oh those racist Republicans.  Did you know that they're hostile to Colin Powell because he's black? Yup, just ask former Obama car czar Steve Rattner.  The Morning Joe regular today claimed that poor Powell "feels this hostility toward him from the rest of the party in part because he's a minority."

Really?  Colin Powell feels hostility from "the rest of the party" because he's a minority?  The Colin Powell appointed to a series of increasingly prestigious positions by a series of Republican presidents? The Colin Powell for whom so many in the GOP were clamoring to run for president in 1995-96?  That Colin Powell?  Please.  View the video after the jump.

Sure, after endorsing Barack Obama over mega-moderate John McCain in 2008, and again in 2012 over mild-mannered Mitt Romney, a lot of Republicans have hard feelings toward Powell.  But based on his race?  Baloney!

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