'Mika Made Me Republican'

Talk about the law of unintended consequences . . . On today's Morning Joe, Willie Geist interviewed an audience member sporting a T-shirt reading "Mika Made Me Republican."

The good-natured fellow explained that his daughter had made the T-shirt for him, that he was an independent who had voted for Perot, and that he watches Morning Joe daily because he likes to hear what the other side has to say.  Whatever it was that Mika has been saying, it has apparently driven him into the Romney camp.  View the video after the jump.

Watch and enjoy this lighter moment.

Note: perhaps the Romney campaign should consider retaining Mika to work with undecided voters ;-)

WILLIE GEIST:  All right, welcome back inside Racks here in Boca. We found a gentleman sidled up to the bar here, he's had a couple Bloody Mary's and he's got a very important T-shirt.  Tell me about it.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: My daughter Ariela was very kind enough to make this. She had built with her sisters a couple hundred Romney signs and we heard Rudy Giuliani speak a couple days ago at the Romney Boca office. And we obviously have a different view than most people here, including Mika. And I do watch this show every day because I like to hear what the other side has to say, and I don't need to hear what my opinion is. So I like to hear a diverse opinion and educate my daughters on what that opinion is.

GEIST: And Mika drove you into the arms of the Republican party.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Something like that. I voted for Perot so I've been independent, but what can I say?

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