Chuck Todd: Seven Out Of Ten Challengers In Romney's Position Win

Coming down the stretch of the presidential campaign, it looks like NBC political director Chuck Todd has put getting it right over any personal or network partisan leanings.  On Morning Joe today, Todd declared that seven out of ten challengers in Mitt Romney's position in the polls win the election.

In an assessment sure to send shivers down Obama-camp spines, Todd added that "Romney appears to have the advantages going into the next couple of weeks."  View the video after the jump.

Todd was careful to add a couple outs, relating to tonight's debate and other possible game-changers.  But consider Todd's statement of last week, in which he saw a "structural shift" favoring Romney in the polling numbers, couple it with his pronouncement of today, and it seems clear that at least for now, if Todd had a few pesos to play, he'd put them on Romney to win.

CHUCK TODD: If you look at this [NBC/WSJ] national poll, Joe, and you came up with a poll the Sunday before the election that said it was 47-47 before the election, of any challenger and incumbent, I'd say seven times out of time challenger wins that race.  And so, too, this 47-47, it's a tie, but, right?  It's a tie, but it's Romney that appears to have the advantages going into the next couple weeks.

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