Howard Dean, Birther? Claims Koch Brothers Not 'Real Americans'

When you watch Howard Dean, do you sense he's often on the verge of losing it?  He seemed to be on The Ed Show tonight, bizarrely claiming that the Koch brothers aren't "real Americans."

After fulminating about the brothers' "booty," Dean somehow made the surreal suggestion that--in contrast with American teachers--the Koch brothers aren't "real Americans."  View the video after the jump.

2012-09-25MSNBCTESDean.JPGWatch Dean being—delusionally—Dean.

HOWARD DEAN: He's being financed by the Koch brothers, who just write fat checks from their booty they take in from all over the place. So he's going to be responsible for two people. I sure wouldn't mind being responsive to the millions of teachers all over America. At least they're real Americans as opposed to these two guys who made a gazillion dollars and are using their money to influence the election system now.

Naturally, Schultz didn't call out Dean for his sarcastic denigration of the Kochs' patriotism.

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