CNBC's Harwood: Eastwood Speech 'Big Blunder, Big Set-Back For Romney'

Guess John Harwood was feeling lucky today.  CNBC's chief Washington correspondent went on the Today show and boldly proclaimed that not only did Clint Eastwood not accomplish his mission with his RNC speech, but that the speech is almost universally viewed by political professionals as "a big blunder, a big set-back for Mitt Romney."

Harwood did not adduce a scintilla of evidence in support of his contention that the speech hurt Romney.  And his universe of pundits apparently does not include people like Jonah Goldberg or Mark Steyn.  View the video after the jump.

Forget the political class. Has anyone out there spoken to swing voters/independents/moderates about the Eastwood speech?  My instinct says that in making the common-sense case that when someone doesn't get the job done, you "got to let him go," Clint scored many more points than he lost with people in the middle.

I'll be back with the transcript, but in the meantime, watch the quintesentially inside-the-Beltway Harwood express the most conventional of wisdom.   

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