Medved: MSM Thrill Might Be Gone, But Press Still 'Ideologically Committed' To Obama

To know Barack Obama is not necessarily to love him. But MSM politics run deeper than water.  So suggests Michael Medved.  In an interview with NewsBusters today, the author and radio talk show host said that whereas there's not much "affection or respect" for President Obama in the White House press corps, they are still "ideologically committed to him."

That said, whereas an adoring press helped push Barack Obama to victory in 2008, Medved is convinced that Mitt Romney has an excellent chance of defeating Obama in November.  So optimistic is Medved, that he has just released an eBook, The Odds Against Obama, making his case.  View the interview video after the jump.

Having analyzed numerous past presidential elections, Medved concludes that  "the patterns of our politics strongly favor conservatives in the crucial election of 2012."  The MSM's personal disillusionment with Obama notwithstanding, conservatives must assume that, when push comes to shove, the press will pull out all the stops to drag their guy across the November finish line.  


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