Accidental Honesty: Andrea Mitchell Calls Biden-Defender Capehart A 'Democratic Analyst'

Andrea Mitchell's Freudian slip was showing on her MSNBC show this afternoon. Mitchell's moment of unintentional honesty came during a discussion with Chris Cillizza of Joe Biden's ugly remark yesterday to a largely African-American audience that Mitt Romney would "put y'all back in chains."

As noted here, Capehart defended Biden on Morning Joe today, claiming he had "nothing to apologize for."  Mitchell, seeking faux balance, cited Capehart as having enumerated a number of supposedly racially-tinged remarks made by Republicans. Just one problem: Mitchell described Capehart as a "Democratic analyst."  Oopsie!  Surely a distinction without much of a difference, but Capehart's official job title is that of editorial writer for the Washington Post.  View the video after the jump.

Mitchell caught and corrected herself, but by then the . . . Capehart was out of the bag.  Watch Mitchell's amusingly truthful "mistake."




ANDREA MITCHELL: And of course we should point out, as Jonathan Capehart and other, uh, Democratic analysts have said earlier, um, Jonathan of course an editorial writer, but as other Democrats have said today, this is not the first time that there have been suggestions of some sort of quiet, racial connotations in things that have been said. The Romney campaign has been accused of using the word "foreign" in a particular way, and the whole birther issue, certainly.  So this is not the first time this has reared its head.

Really, Andrea?  The Romney campaign using the word foreign is the moral equivalent of Joe Biden telling African-Americans that Mitt Romney wants to put them back in chains?

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