Washington Post Reporter Speculates On Fox News And Super-PACs Playing Race Card Against Obama

Oh those looming racists at Fox News and the Republican-friendly super-PACs.  They just might try to play the race card against President Obama.  But not to worry!  It would only backfire against them.

So suggested Washington Post reporter Nia-Malika Henderson, appearing on this weekend's edition of the Chris Matthews show. Henderson assured viewers that if the Super PACs and Fox News "hint at that sort of [racial] language", there will be a "blowback" among independents and women.  Chris Matthews was quick to chime in, adding that women are more devoted to "fairness" than men. View the video after the jump.

Consider the irony of Henderson playing the race card herself but implicitly accusing Fox News and GOP-friendly super PACs of potential racism.

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: I think in some ways, the way race might play a role, and I think you [co-panelist Kathleen Parker] are right: people who don't like Barack Obama because he's black or because he's "the other", they're not going to support him.  And I think if Super PACs, if Fox News, if they sort of hint at that sort of language, I think it's going to turn independents off from Republicans. I think that's the danger that Republicans and people from the far-right playing --  

CHRIS MATTHEWS: -- There'll be a blowback

HENDERSON: --it's going to be a blowback, because a lot of people, women especially I think, they do take some pride in this idea that their kids are growing up in this country with an African-American president.  

MATTHEWS: It's so interesting how the gender thing works. I think there's a fairness thing for women, too.