Morning After Historic Walker Victory, Morning Joe Excludes Republicans For First 69 Minutes

Scott Walker scored an historic victory last night.  The first governor ever to fend off a recall election.  Winning in the face of a furious Big Labor effort against him.  And so, to comment on this resounding Republican victory, Morning Joe . . . assembled a lefty panel and excluded any Republicans until the second hour, when Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was finally permitted to put in an appearance.  With Joe Scarborough off for the day, the panel consisted of Mika Brzezinski, former Dem congressman Harold Ford, Jr., former Newsweek editor Jon Meacham, Mike Allen of Politico, and just to balance things off . . . Howard Dean!

Making matters worse, though the show opened with a clip from Walker's victory speech, the panel itself didn't get around to saying word one about the Wisconsin recall until after Meacham had a chance to flack his new book that won't even be available till the Fall, and Mika bemoaned the Senate's rejection of the so-called Paycheck Fairness Act, calling Republicans "idiots."  View the video after the jump.

No transcript needed.  Just watch the on-screen clock, indicating 6:09 AM CT, 69 minutes into the show, when McDonnell finally makes the first Republican appearance.  Those who take guilty pleasure in the travails of their political opponents the morning after a defeat will want to watch Mika's expression as she asks McDonnell to explain what happened in Wisconsin.