Move Along: Associated Press Spins Wisconsin Recall As Meaningless Nationally

Even the New York Times, in an article by Jeff Zeleny today headlined "Recall Battle in Wisconsin May Snarl Obama Camp", acknowledges that a victory by Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin's recall election on Tuesday could spell trouble for President Obama's re-election effort.

But while the Times might be bending to reality, the Associated Press soldiers on in support of Obama.  With even a Dem poll pointing to a Walker victory, the Associated Press, apparently fearing the worst, proclaims in an article today that "Few November clues to be found in Wisconsin recall."  Authored by correspondent Thomas Beaumont, the AP tells readers "you'd be wrong" to see Wisconsin as a national harbinger.  More after the jump.

After quoting a Dem strategist claiming "it's a Wisconsin-specific moment, not a national referendum," Beaumont dutifully concludes that "the Wisconsin recall doesn't say much at all about the presidential race in the other 49 states."  He claims "there's agreement" with that proposition, but quotes no Republican to that effect.

Bottom line: with a real possibility of defeat looming, the AP, with other elements of the MSM sure to follow, is starting to spin away the Wisconsin results.

Move along, nothing to cheese here!