Schultz and MSNBC Launch 'Get Out The Vote' Effort Against Scott Walker

Fox News has come under "withering criticism" after Fox & Friends yesterday aired what's been described as a campaign-style video, created by an associate producer, contrasting President Obama's words with his job performance. A top Fox exec said the video "was not authorized at the network's senior level" that "senior executives would not have approved it and the matter was addressed with the show's producers."  The video was removed from the Fox & Friends website.

So if it's wrong for FNC to campaign against Obama, how about MSNBC launching a Get Out The Vote effort against Scott Walker in the Wisconsin recall election?  Have a look at the video clip here of an MSNBC "Lean Forward" promo for Ed Schultz's show.  After Schultz declares that the Wisconsin recall hinges on "who gets their people out," the screen flashes "Get Out The Vote!"  Schultz seeks to recruit his viewers in the effort, the graphic asking them to "share your photos" at Schultz's Facebook page.   There's no doubt who Schultz is seeking to get out the vote for--and against.  The same video is filled with images of people holding signs saying "Recall Walker" and "Walker: Your Pink Slip Is Showing."  View the video after the jump.

Watch this blatant bit of lefty electioneering by Schultz/MSNBC.  Will similar outrage be expressed?  Holding breath optional.   

OFF-SCREEN ANNOUNCER: Five days to the Wisconsin recall, and no one knows the stakes better than Ed Schultz.

ED SCHULTZ: It's a fight that matters to the middle class in every corner of this country!

OFF-SCREEN ANNOUNCER: Ed's been there since the beginning, with critical insight.

SCHULTZ: I hear from the people of Wisconsin every day.

OFF-SCREEN ANNOUNCER: Now, this game-changing election comes down to the wire.

SCHULTZ: It's now down to who gets their people out.

OFF-SCREEN ANNOUNCER [as GET OUT THE VOTE graphic appears on screen]: Share your Get Out The Vote photos as A special edition of the Ed Show, live from Wisconsin, Tuesday at 8 and 11 Eastern, on MSNBC.


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