Bashir: Conservatives Cool With Slaves Building White House But Can't Accept Black President Living There

The odious Martin Bashir is at it again.  On his MSNBC show today, Bashir suggested that conservatives, racists that they are, were happy to have slaves help build the White House, but can't accept a black president living there.

Bashir's slanderous suggestion came at the conclusion of a segment on President Obama's ill-considered attack on the Supreme Court earlier this week.  View the video after the jump.

Bashir's calumny came in response to a similarly wrong-headed suggestion by the loquacious Michael Eric Dyson, who claimed that conservatives want to subjugate Obama and portray him as "the other."  Watch Bashir do his dirty work.

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: There is a kind of resentment of the right wing that this man [Pres. Obama] has lost his moorings because he doesn't know where he belongs, which is underneath them, subordinate to their particular practices. To easily call him a thug and to call him a person who is a bully is also coded to try to make him look like "the other" again, like he's outside the pale of our normal American practices and he has to be treated suspiciously.  It's quite ridiculous.

MARTIN BASHIR: You're almost suggesting, Professor Dyson, that he, they're happy to have him involved in using his labor to build the White House, but for him to win an election and live in the White House? That's just not acceptable.

DYSON: You're a great speechwriter and a great politicist of the first order.