'This Week' Guest: 'All The Texans I Know Can't Stand' Rick Perry

Call it Niall Ferguson's Pauline Kael moment . . . During the roundtable segment this morning on ABC's This Week, Ferguson, an academic with appointments at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, said that "all the Texans I know" can't stand Rick Perry.

Ferguson was reacting to host Christiane Amanpour's question about Perry's highly-animated New Hampshire address.  Ferguson professed to like the "swaggering Texan" side of Perry he apparently saw in the speech.  George Will had a caustic comeback.  Video after the jump.

2011-11-06ABCTWFerguson.JPGWatch Ferguson and wonder how much time the Scottish-born prof has spent speaking with average Texans.  Perry, after all, is the longest-serving governor in Lone Star state history, and never lost an election there.  Not everybody can't stand him, it surely seems.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: How many of you watched the Rick Perry video?

NIALL FERGUSON: I watched it: quite enjoyed it. I like that side of him, the sort of swaggering Texan.  I can't get enough of that.  The problem is all the Texans I know can't stand him.  And that seems like a pretty bad sign to me. Because if he really was that guy that we saw, swaggering, they would love him.

GEORGE WILL: First of all, you know the wrong Texans.  Cause the majority of Texans keep re-electing him.  

NIALL FERGUSON: I know a lot of Texans.  You want a list?

WILL: You know a minority.

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