Katty's Complaint: Why Doesn't USA Have 40-Year Plan Like China's?

Move over, Tom Friedman--there's another MSMer looking longingly at Communist China.  In an infamous column, Friedman wrote of his envy of the power of the Chinese despots to impose "critically important decisions."  He's been at it again lately

Now comes Sino-Commie-phile Katty Kay.  On Morning Joe today, the BBCer criticized the USA for not having a "40-year plan for medical innovation" like the Chinese do.  Joe Scarborough was on-point with his comeback. Video after the jump.

Watch Katty complain about our lack of a planned economy . . . while putting in a plug for higher taxes.


KATTY KAY: You have this new group [presumably referring to Tea-Party Republicans] that's come into Congress who is also not prepared to compromise on issues like raising taxes. There is going to have to be some tax-raising as part of this deal! It's going to have to happen! So why not accept that it's going to have to happen and do what the country needs to be done?  . . . You almost wonder whether--what I love about this country, compared often to Europe, is that there is a sense of optimism, that things are possible . . . I almost think the optimism is shifting into a sense of denial. I look at the political leadership in this country and you almost wonder whether they are in denial about what is happening around the world and what could happen in this country if they don't get their act together and do the kinds of things that need to be done . . . That's what I'm saying about the state of denial. That there is not this recognition that there are other countries out there that are doing these things.  China has a 40-year plan for medical innovation. And you know they're going to do it. Where's America's plan for medical innovation?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: I will guarantee you it's not in the middle of a Washington, DC bureaucracy.


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