Bloomberg Blames Guns, Not Gunners, For Violent NYC Weekend

Serious question: can the supposedly-very-smart Mayor Michael Bloomberg really be this foolish, or is there something else at work?  Commenting on the outbreak of gun violence in NYC over the Labor Day weekend, in which 42 people were injured or killed, Bloomberg uttered [at least according to this report] not a word of condemnation directed toward the criminals themselves.  Instead, the Big Appler blamed only the proliferation of guns and called for "stricter gun control laws".

What is it that drives liberals to condemn the instruments of crime, rather than the criminals themselves? Bloomberg quote after the jump.

"At the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn Sunday morning, Mayor Bloomberg spoke out against the incidents over the weekend, which at that point was at 25.
'There are just too many guns on the streets and we have to do something about it,' he said, and urged for more federal control and stricter gun control laws across the country."