Corn Field/John Deere Backdrop, Voice Cracking 'I Love America So Much': How Dare We Claim Misery Tour Political?

Check out this clip [via MSNBC] from a speech President Obama gave in Illinois during his current Magical Misery Tour of the Midwest. There's PBO, in front of a corn field, the hood of a John Deere tractor peeking in from the right [imagine the poll testing--how much of the tractor should be in the shot?]

And listen as PBO's voice breaks as he proclaims how great America is and how much he loves it.  How dare we claim it's a taxpayer-funded political stunt?!  View video after the jump.

Thrill to Obama's Field of Dreams moment!

BARACK OBAMA: I can tell ya, nothing's more inspiring to me than the kind of trip I've been taking over the last few days. You know, you drive around in this big [Canadian] bus, it's all, you can't see out except when you're standing in front, so I'm out in front [couldn't that be dangerous as you 'drive around'?].  And, uh, having breakfast in the diner, going to football practice, you're passing rows of kids with flags, and grandparents in their lawn chairs, mechanics out in front of their shops, and farmers waving from the fields [oh, the Norman Rockwell humanity!] It inspires you! Cause it reminds you about [voice cracks] what makes this country so great! Why I love this country so much.






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