Donny Deutsch: Weiner Should Have Been 'Very Honest' And Said He Sent Pic To Wife

So now we know: Donny Deutsch would advise Dems caught in a sex scandal . . . to fabricate a false story.

On today's Morning Joe, ad man Deutsch stated that, when caught with his pants down, Anthony Weiner should have been "very honest" and claimed that he had sent the picture to his wife. And by "very honest," Deutsch of course means "very dishonest" since no one, starting with Weiner himself, suggests that the congressman meant to send the shot to his wife but that somehow it went out to a 21-year old college student in Seattle. Hat tip reader Texndoc.

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I'll be back with the transcript, but in the meantime, consider Deutsch's media strategy for Dems: when under pressure. . . prevaricate.


DONNY DEUTSCH: My take is, look, here are the facts. Clearly it was sent out, he didn't do it. Clearly it's a picture of him or he immediately would have said "it's not me."  I think his only solution at the time would have been to have been very honest: "it's me.  I'm a human being.  I'm married, it was sent to my wife and it's a personal matter and that's what people do." . . . Clearly that is him or he would have said that it's not. If he is sending a shot of himself in his underwear to his wife while he's travelling: "honey, I miss you," he's a human being: who cares? . . . So he wears underwear and he might have sent a picture to his wife in his underwear.  He should have said it, and said "we have a great relationship in that way, let's move on."

Got that, future Dems caught in a pickle?  Donny's advising you to try to fib your way out of it.

Note: theories of what really happened of course abound.  One blogger suggests that the pic is indeed of Weiner, but that his account was in fact hacked, perhaps by a disgruntled staffer.  I tend toward the Occam's Razor approach of the most obvious answer often being the right one: it came from his account, and he sent it.

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