Morning Joe Hearts Huntsman

"He's a Morning Joe candidate." That could be the kiss of death among Republican primary voters, but Mark Halperin meant it as a compliment.  Today's Morning Joe panel was unanimous in its praise for Huntsman's performance in New Hampshire over the weekend.

More from Mark Halperin:

"As impressive as any couple I've seen . . . I was pretty blown away by how effective he was . . . more [comfortable in his skin] than Barack Obama and George Bush, and they for me in my career have been the gold standard . . . One of the liberal trackers said 'I really like this guy.  I'd cross over.'"

View video after the jump.

The rest of the panel, from Joe Scarborough to Mika Brzezinski to Mike Barnicle, were also enthusiastic, with Barnicle giving the biggest compliment of all from his perspective, passing along a comment from an elderly New Hampshire voter who said Huntsman reminded him of JFK.

The panel also had praise for Pawlenty's announcement video. But at least for now, Huntsman clearly seems the early favorite in the Morning Joe primary.   Whether actual Republican voters will be similarly moved of course remains to be seen.

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