Margaret Carlson: 'Professor Obama Turned Into General Obama And Ran This Incredible Raid'

May 4th, 2011 9:45 AM

Just when the media adulation of Barack Obama might have been showing signs of waning, along comes the killing of Osama Bin Laden to drive it to new sycophantic heights.  In the genre, it will be hard to outdo the schoolgirl-crushiness of Margaret Carlson.

On today's Morning Joe, Carlson characterized the operation against Osama Bin Laden as the moment when "Professor Obama turned into General Obama and ran this incredible raid."

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Carlson, a Bloomberg News columnist, was reacting to a comment by Joe Scarborough, who had criticized as "nitpicking" a New York Times article  that reported OBL was unarmed.

Watch Carlson's Obama-as-Patton moment.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: We'll have time to get to the nitpicking.  But should this not be about Barack Obama making a decisive decision when the rest of his cabinet wasn't sure whether he should do it or not?

MARGARET CARLSON: We're not asking for a Hollywood movie. We're just asking for a moment when Professor Obama turned into General Obama and ran this incredible, incredible raid. That took a lot of guts, the kind of thing you do see in a Hollywood movie.