On MSNBC, Dem Sanchez Tries To Drown Out Republican With 'Broke Because of Bush' Chant

April 8th, 2011 12:03 PM

Loretta Sanchez would need to double her maturity quotient to qualify as juvenile . .

During an interview on MSNBC this morning on the subject of the budget and possible government shutdown, the Dem congresswoman from California tried to drown out her Republican colleague from New York, Michael Grimm, by chanting "broke because of Bush."

Ironically, her infantile display came moments after host Richard Liu struggled with Sanchez's filibustering to ask whether the pair were "proud about the way this process is going forward as people watch the two of you debate the issues?"

Watch Sanchez's middle-school worthy antics.


LORETTA SANCHEZ: They're using our military as the bargaining chip, and as a 15-year member of the Armed Services Committee, I really resent that from the other side.

MICHAEL GRIMM: As someone who fought in combat as a United States Marine I can tell you that the failure to lead on the Democratic side is deplorable.

MICHAEL LIU [struggling to get a word in edgewise with the filibustering Sanchez]: Representative Sanchez? Representative Sanchez?  All right, to both of you, are you proud about the way this process has been going as people watch the two of you now debate some of the issues?

It was only a bit later that Sanchez unwittingly answered Liu's question with her childish display.

SANCHEZ: They've cut things like, I worry about wildfires in my district, they've cut the funding to that --

GRIMM: If I can, if I can

SANCHEZ: As the summer season comes up --

Grimm continues to struggle to get a word in.

SANCHEZ: They're really cutting important issues; things that happen in our national forest --

GRIMM: Because we're broke. The one thing that my colleague has failed to say --

SANCHEZ: We're broke because of Bush.

GRIMM: We're broke because of Bush?

SANCHEZ [talking over Grimm]: Broke because of Bush.  Broke because of Bush. Broke because of Bush.

GRIMM: You can continue to blame Bush, but President Bush is no longer in the president and hasn't been the president for a couple of years now.