Indignant Norah O'Donnell Defends Obama's Lack Of Leadership On Libya

If Time-magaziner-turned-WH-press-sec Jay Carney ever tires of defending Pres. Obama, Norah O'Donnell clearly seems ready to step in...

When on today's Morning Joe Donny Deutsch described PBO as having a passive leadership style as evidenced by his approach to Libya, health care and other issues, an indignant O'Donnell piped up, defending the president's passivity.

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Norah's point was that PBO couldn't risk a more aggressive approach, given that Americans remain at risk in Libya. Maybe so.  But the passion in Norah's voice made clear the she was not just defending the policy, but the man himself.  Wouldn't we all like to have someone willing to go to bat for us like that!

Watch Norah stand by her man.  After clip rolls of Pres. Obama wringing his hands over Libya . . .

DONNY DEUTSCH: I think the President, I think we're seeing his kind of leadership, uh, strategy, whether it goes back to Egypt, whether it goes back to even health care, is that he kind of stays on the sideline as long as possible and lets events play out.  I think this is just one more example of what I'd call benign aggressiveness where we kind of know what's coming --

Joe Scarborough decided to have some fun at Obama-fan Deutsch's expense.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Donny, how does that inspire you?  I mean, hope, change?  Staying on the sideline as long as possible.

DEUTSCH: You and I talked about that last time as far as leadership. Leadership to me ends up in results. And we go back once again, just let me drift, in terms of health care, he wasn't taking the bull by the horns, but I'll compare like last time, Clinton, who jumped in, versus Obama who stayed on the sidelines, let it play out, the same thing he did with the tax increase --

Norah could contain herself no more.  The palpably peeved O'Donnell interjected.

NORAH O'DONNELL: Donny, Donny!  You think the President is going to come out and denounce Gaddafi when [voice rising] we've got more than 500 Americans in Libya and risk a hostage situation?

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