CBS: Stewart-Colbert Rally Is For 'Moderates'

mod-er-ates: [noun] Fans of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi -- The CBS Dictionary

It would be funny if it weren't so outrageous . . .

CBS is trying to pawn off the rally organized by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewartthe guy who had Barack Obama on his show for for a half-hour this week—as a gathering of "moderates."

CBS correspondent Wyatt Andrews used the m-word to describe the assembling masses in his report on this morning's Early Show. View video after the jump.

Newsreader Whit Johnson introduced Andrews.

WHIT JOHNSON: Well today the nation's capital is bracing for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  It's been organized by Comedy Central's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  There are sure to be some laughs, but their ultimate goals remain unclear. CBS News correspondent Wyatt Andrews is live from the National Mall with more.  Wyatt, good morning.

WYATT ANDREWS: Whit, good morning.  Stewart and colbert actually have a permit for 60,000 people to rally for sanity and/or fear. So, who's appearing on the stage today is still part secret, but we're told it's going to be entertainers and not politicians. Who's actually coming to this rally?  Almost all of the folks we found said they hope it's about the moderates of America.

Moderates?  Would that be another word for "independents"?  A recent Politico poll showed independents favoring Republican candidates over Dems by a 14% margin.  Raise your hand if you think a majority of people at the rally today will be voting Republican.  Wyatt, is that you?

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