Desperate Schultz Slews 100% Negative

How desperate is the liberal media? How totally has it abandoned any attempt to run on the Obama record?  Ed Schultz's MSNBC show this evening was 100% Obama-record free.  It was—entirely and without exception—devoted to Republican bashing.

Come along, if you dare, down Ed's miserable, fly-blown landcape, as we break down the sorry show, segment-by-segment . . .


Segment 1: Incident prior to Kentucky senatorial debate. Trial lawyer Mike Papantonio refers to Tea Partiers as "primitive, Neanderthal" and repeatedly calls them "tea baggers."

Segment 2: Alaska Republican senatorial candidate Joe Miller a "liar."

Segment 3: Mocking Glenn Beck for his support of Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo.

Segment 4: Glenn Beck's "racist followers" are targeting the Chairman of the Milwaukee Democratic party because he had the guts to stand up to Fox News.

Segment 5: Debate between Republican Ron Christie and liberal radio talk-show host Joe Madison.  Topics: 1.Juan Williams firing.  Schultz again shows pro-management, anti- worker sentiment: "go away: people get fired all the time." 2. Christine O'Donnell's contentious radio interview.

Segment 6:  Focus on John Boehner.  According to Schultz "this guy has absolutely no backbone." Guest, Boehner's Dem opponent.  Focus exclusively on advertising, polling, process.  Questions on opponent's support for Obama agenda: zero.

Segment 7: More Rand Paul bashing.

Segment 8: Interview with Las Vegas Sun reporter Jon Ralston. Focus: Sharron Angle's accusations of vote-stealing by Harry Reid.  Schultz says Nevada Secretary of State has dismissed the accusations.  Doesn't mention said Secretary is Democrat.

So there you have tonight's Ed Show, folks.  Time devoted to advocating election of Democrats based on Obama/Dem-congressional achievements on health care, employment, foreign policy, energy, stimulus, bail-out, whatevuh: 0.00 seconds.  Time devoted to Republican-bashing: eight out of eight segments.

How do you know when the MSM and their Dem cohorts are losing? When all they've got is gashing the other guy, and can't say a word--not one--in support of their own record.

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