Rand's Race: Matthews Plays The Nazi Card

October 26th, 2010 8:27 PM

The guy who put his foot on an anti-Paul protester and pushed should be made to answer to the law.   Period.  That doesn't mean Chris Matthews had  to break out the tired Nazi metaphor. But he did.

On this evening's Hardball, after rolling tape of the incident that occurred outside the Kentucky senatorial debate last night, Matthews dredged up the creakiest cliché in politics.

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CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Wo-w-w-w.   I don' t know what to make of that, but it reminds me of the 30s in another country.

If Matthews is going to go the Nazi-metaphor route, can't he at least have the courage of doing so straight up, instead of resorting to lamely-laminated references?

MSNBC Talking Points?

Fellow NewsBuster Jeff Poor informs me that Ed Schultz, discussing the incident on his show this evening, also went the Nazi-analogy route.   Can we count on Keith and Rachel to keep the chain letter alive?