O'Donnell vs. O'Donnell: Norah Calls Christine 'Freak Show'

So now we know what Norah thinks of that other O'Donnell, Christine.  On today's Morning Joe, the MSNBC O'Donnell referred to the Delaware Senate candidate as a "freak show."

Norah's nasty gibe was a segue off Mike Barnicle's observation that people were fascinated by the miner rescue story because, amidst all the artifice of politics and culture, it was something real.


MIKE BARNICLE:  This was real people, in real time, a real situation.  And we cover so much contrivance in this business, with political candidates or with these ridiculous semi-reality shows with these fake characters on them. This was real, and I think that's what gave people a bounce in their step yesterday.

NORAH O'DONNELL: Exactly.  Talking about a freak show, let's turn to the Delaware senate race --

Panel erupts in groans, laughter.  

O'DONNELL: I didn't say that. I'm not dissing my sister.

Except that she did, and did.

O'DONNELL: All right, Delaware senate candidates Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons [laughs heartily]--she's not my sister.  She's Lawrence's [O'Donnell] sister.  Everybody get that clear.

Fallows: Christine Has 'Idiot Bravado'

Another MSM member-in-good-standing took a nasty shot at Christine O'Donnell yesterday.  Writing at The Atlantic, James Fallows accused O'Donnell of having "idiot bravado."

This was by way of a back-handed compliment.  Fallows theory is that because she is "unflappable," O'Donnell is in fact, as the column's headline claims, "more dangerous than Sarah Palin."




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