Whoopi Decries Decline Of Civility--But Told Mosque Protesters 'Kiss My Butt'

When I think of people well-suited to lead a crusade against declining public civility, somehow Whoopi Goldberg doesn't spring to mind.  Yet there was The View co-host on Morning Joe today, promoting what Amazon describes as: "her new book of observations [that] takes a funny and excruciatingly honest look at how a loss of civility is messing with the quality of life for all of us."

And sure enough, Whoopi engaged in a [seemingly endless] discussion with the MJ folks on the subject.  Mika read a passage from the book in which Goldberg bemoaned the rise of "political incivility."  Added Whoopi "it's not just the politicians. It's also just human beings interacting."

You mean, human beings like . . . Whoopi Goldberg?  Just last month, while the debate over the Ground Zero mosque was raging, our Lachlan Markay caught Whoopi in a blatant breach of civility.

Said Whoopi, of the Ground Zero mosque protesters: "kiss my butt, get out of here."

As a number of our readers have pointed out, speaking at a Kerry-Edwards fundraiser during the 2004 campaign, Goldberg engaged in a yet worse breach of civility, making crude "bush" double-entendre references at George W.'s expense.

Doctor of civility, heal thyself!

PS: How did Whoopi figure that her book's goal of elevating the cultural tone would be promoted by the cover she chose for it, which shows her sitting on a porcelain throne?


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