Halperin Not Digging Dippy Deutsch?

Was Mark Halperin just mugging, or was he truly turned off by Donny Deutsch's antics on the set of Morning Joe today? Check the video and be the judge.

Here's the background: on the show's August 6th edition [a clip of which was played today and is seen in the video here], Deutsch turned up in a tight black T-shirt and proceeded to spend much of his appearance flexing for the cameras.  He ended his self-promoting shtick by doing a set of push-ups as the closing comments rolled.

Deutsch, apparently doing sartorial penance, appeared in a three-piece suit this morning.  But when Mika Brzezinski chided him for his macho act, going so far as to facetiously accuse him of "sexting" on the set, Deutsch couldn't resist recreating his previous performance, doing a set of dips on the desk.

Keep an eye on Mark Halperin, who reacts with a series of head shakes, eye rolls, nose pinches and snippy sideways glances.  Mark might have just been mugging, but was there also an element of sincere disapproval of Deutsch's egotistical display?  I'm saying 'si'.

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