Schultz Mocks Rove Radio Work, But Can't Pronounce 'Cousteau'

From the Department Of People In Glass Houses . . .

Early in his MSNBC show this evening, Ed Schultz mocked Karl Rove's performance in filling in for Rush Limbaugh today.  In particular, Schultz slammed Rove for his brief problem in providing the show's call-in number.  

But later in the show, Ed himself ran head-first into a rhetorical roadblock, stumbling badly when it came to pronouncing the most famous name in the world of ocean studies: Cousteau.

ED SCHULTZ: And in Psycho Talk tonight, Karl Rove filled in for the Drugster [Schultz's nasty nickname for Rush] on his radio show today, and I think old Turd Blossom should probably stick to his day job across the street over at Fox . . . Rove's debut as a radio host was a total disaster. Right off the bat he had a hell of a time finding the call-in number, even though it was right on the screen in front of him.

But later, it was Ed's turn to pronounce a name so famous it's the first one that comes up in Google search when you type in Jacques.  Here was Ed's heroic struggle as he sought to introduce Phillipe, grandson of the famous oceanographer.

SCHULTZ:  Coming up . . . world-renowned environmental expert Philippe Castoo, Cas--, Coh-stow will join us, coming up here in just a moment. 

Give Phillipe credit for his French sang froid in--just--managing to suppress a smirk at poor Ed's problems.

Note: Ed also let some professional jealousy creep into his roasting of Rove/Limbaugh. Schultz spoke sarcastically [longingly?] of "that high-impact, totally-entertaining, right-wing radio on five million stations across America that we just can't live without."

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