Schultz: Republicans Want To Politically 'Assassinate' Pres. Obama's Agenda

How far have we come from the era of "Dissent Is Patriotic" stickers on the bumpers of your local lefties during the Bush administration?  A host on the second-highest rated cable news network has equated political dissent with . . . assassination.  

On his MSNBC show this evening, Ed Schultz stated:

"Now I'm putting my cards on the table tonight as I do every night. The Republican party is on a mission to politically assassinate the president's agenda across the board.  They want to shoot down everything."

Note how Schultz reinforces the assassination theme by adding that Republicans want to "shoot down" everything.  Does political speech get much more vile than this?  Do Schultz's MSNBC bosses approve this kind of reckless rhetoric?

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