Schultz Endorses Grayson 'Die Quickly' Slander

Did you think that, with the perspective that time tends to impart, Alan Grayson would have backed off his unhinged allegation that Republicans wanted sick people to die quickly?  Trick question! I did say Alan Grayson.  On the evening's Ed Show, the dippy Dem congressman from Florida emphatically stated that his ugly assertion, made on the floor of the House, was "the truth."

Grayson was responding to the suggestion by Kurt Kelly--one of the seven Republicans vying for the right to knock Grayson off--that by missing a vote on an allocation of funds for our overseas military, perhaps Grayson wanted the troops to die.  Kelly was clearly riffing off Grayson's earlier allegation.  That didn't stop Grayson from taking great umbrage, claiming that the difference between his assertion and Kelly's was that Kelly was lying whereas he Grayson was telling "the truth."

For awhile there, I thought that Schultz, after airing the Kelly clip, wasn't going to mention the Grayson antecedent.  Schultz did get around to it, while embracing the slur . . .

Indeed, Schultz endorsed Grayson's slander.  He introduced Grayson by saying that he's "not afraid to speak truth to power, and "the truth is what this guy's all about."  After playing the grotesque clip of Grayson on the House floor accusing Republicans of wanting the sick to "die quickly," Schultz said "I totally agreed with you when you did that."

Note: Grayson has gotten himself into hot water by spending $73,000 of taxpayer money to send a DVD to his constituents touting his first-term accomplishments.

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