Attacking Angle: MSNBC Honcho Thinks Only Big-Government Believers Should Run For Office

Senators Wanted: Non-believers in big government need not apply.

That would apparently be the classified ad Mark Whitaker would run.  Criticizing Sharron Angle this morning, MSNBC's DC bureau chief sniffed that people like her "are running to be part of a government they don't believe in."

Whitaker made his remark in the course of commenting on a Politico story about Angle walking away from an event without speaking with reporters.  But the bigger story is the MSM mindset that Whitaker exposed: the only people who are worthy of office are those who look at the government in DC and believe in what they see.  Candidates with strong objections to the size and scope of our government, who want to cut it down to size, are unworthy, indeed, illegitimate.
MARK WHITAKER: Here's the problem: it goes back to these poll numbers [showing confidence in Congress at 11%].  People are so upset now with the existing political establishment that they're willing to take a flyer on some of these candidates on the right, you know, the Tea Party and even some on the left.  But the fact is, not only do they not have a plan, I mean, they're running to be part of a government they don't believe in, but also they have no experience in politics.
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