'End of The Day' For Sestak

Someone—please!!—buy the man another stock phrase . . .

Teasing his upcoming interview with Joe Sestak on last evening's Hardball, Chris Matthews admitted that Democrats are worried that Dem PA senatorial candidate Joe Sestak isn't "ready for prime time."

When Sestak later appeared, he demonstrated just why Dems are distraught.  The leaden, formulaic Sestak used the trite "at the end of the day" cliché not once, not thrice, but no fewer than . . . nine times in the course of his interview!

I'll spare you the transcript, but view the video and imagine this man, so utterly lacking in spontaneity, on the stump.   Dems have every reason to be nervous. Matthews was literally laughing at Sestak's routine.  Will the rest of the MSM pick up on what a stuffed shirt the Dems have in Sestak?
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