Cramer: ObamaCare Would Rocket Tax Rates to 50-60%

Here are three inconvenient little facts about ObamaCare that the MSM might not want people to hear . . .

Financial guru Jim Cramer says ObamaCare would:
  1. break the federal budget;
  2. cause federal income tax rates to rise to 50-60%; and
  3. cause capital gains and dividends to be taxed like ordinary income [i.e., at those 50-60% rates instead of the current 5-15%].
Cramer made his sobering predictions on today's Morning Joe.
JIM CRAMER: I think this is a bill where if you get amnesty, it goes into law, you get amnesty.  You break the budget. That means we're going to see 50-60% federal tax—I'm not kidding. And I also think we see capital gains and dividends being taxed at ordinary income rate.  I know the bill doesn't say that now --

LARRY O'DONNELL: So you're in favor of it!

CRAMER: Exactly!  I really want to go broke. It's important to me.

O'DONNELL: Broke?  You get to keep half your money.  What are you talking about?

CRAMER: Well after Jersey taxes, I get to keep 35%.  I work for the government until about September 15th, and then it's a-l-l-l mine!

O'Donnell was kidding—I think.  But if Cramer is anywhere close to being right, this is no laughing matter.  Will the MSM give any play to his predictions about Obama's catastrophic consequences?

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