Schultz-Matthews Spat? Ed Invites Kos To Conk Chris

Bad blood brewing between Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews?

Schultz today invited a guest on his show for the express purpose of taking shots at fellow MSNBCer Matthews!

On yesterday's Hardball, Matthews criticized the netroots who are trashing the watered-down ObamaCare bill.  "I don't consider them Democrats," said Matthews, dismissing them as "troublemakers." Concluded Chris: "they get their giggles sitting in the back seat and bitching."

On his show this evening, Schultz invited netroot-in-chief Markos Moulitsas on to fire back at Matthews.  Not merely did Schultz offer Kos a platform, he prodded him with leading questions sure to stir up a pointed response. Kos was only too happy to take up the cudgel, accusing Matthews of being "trapped in a bubble," "not learning from his mistakes," and warning that Matthews "has a thing coming."

I can't recall two network colleagues, particularly ones who ostensibly share a smiliar liberal philosophy, engaging in this kind of fight across the airwaves. Should be interesting to see how Matthews fires back on Monday. 

Between Schultz's stunt and Franken's foul manners on the floor of the Senate, looks like the disaster that is ObamaCare is causing some serious strains in Dem ranks.

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