NewsBuster Finkelstein On Joe-Mika Radio Show Spars On Fat Tax, Fox News, MSM Bubble

Earlier today, the Joe Scarborough radio show, with Mika Brzezinski, aired a wide-ranging interview with this NewsBuster. 


  • Mika justified her nanny-state proposal of a tax on fatty foods by saying eating habits are not a matter of personal choice because others must bear the health care cost.  Finkelstein's response: kill two birds with one stone by getting government out of the health care business.
  • Regarding the White House war on Fox News, Finkelstein observed that the White House should know its strategy has backfired when the likes of Helen Thomas and Dan Rather have defended Fox.
  • Mark complimented Mika on exposing the 99 44/100ths liberal environment she experienced at CBS, but chided her for denying that the network has an agenda.  A discussion of the MSM media bubble ensues.

Listen to audio here.

Mark also described how his home town of Ithaca, NY is really an upstate extension of the NYC liberal bubble, so much so that a far-left Dem actually defeated Hillary here in a Dem senatorial primary that the vast majority of voters probably didn't even know was taking place!

All in all, a good time.  Mika in particular was a good sport despite having once upon a time been dubbed Bubbles Brzezinski by this NewsBuster.

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