Biden Bumbles Into The Truth: Speaks Of 'Illegal Aliens'

At least he didn't call them "clean and articulate" . . .

Joe Biden has given the latest, best example of the adage that "a gaffe is when a politician tells the truth."

Appearing on Good Morning America today to talk up Pres. Obama's health care speech to Congress, the veep praised his boss for debunking various supposedly false assertions, including "how we're going to insure illegal aliens."  Biden was just about to move on when, realizing his crime against political correctness, he revised his remark: "undocumented aliens," quoth the VP.

Later in his interview with Diane Sawyer, discussing Rep. Joe Wilson's "you lie!", Biden returned to the theme.  You could hear him pausing to make sure he didn't repeat his bout of unintentional honesty, carefully, this time, speaking of "undocumented aliens."

Will the MSM pick up on this latest example of why the White House must surely hold its breath every time it sends Joe out to carry the torch?

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