Shuster Gloats: Finger-Bitten ObamaCare Protester Treated By Medicare

Check out the Tweet that MSNBC's David Shuster posted a little while ago.  He apparently sees some significant irony in the fact that the ObamaCare protester who had a finger bitten off by a supporter of Pres. Obama's plan was treated by Medicare.

"that's right, it was medicare... a govt run program that represents all the protestor objects to... it was medicare that treated him."

 To which we would respond: so what?

The victim was 65 years old.  Under the current system, he's covered by Medicare.  Already short a finger, should he cut off his nose to spite his face?  For Shuster, the fact that Medicare was involved is some kind of proof that government programs are the way to go.  Where's the logic? The question is what is best for the country going forward. 


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