Matthews: America's Mood Like Dallas 1963

Chris Matthews has used the passing of Ted Kennedy to paint opponents of Pres. Obama as a pool of potential assassins.

Participating in a panel discussion on Morning Joe today, Matthews asserted that there was a hateful environment in the Dallas of 1963 in which President Kennedy was assassinated that is "like the mood we're in now."

Matthews made his remark in the course of painting a picture of the Kennedys as a family of risk-takers.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: You know there's going to be a lot of talk about the tragic blessings of the Kennedy family, and the curse.  And it's all nonsense.  These people were courageous risk takers.  Kathleen Kennedy, the girl, the oldest daughter, she was killed with her lover traveling on a plane ride she never should have taken through terrible weather in Europe.  Joe Kennedy, Jr. took a mission that nobody should have taken in a plane loaded with dynamite to go blow up the V-1 rocket sites.  Jack Kennedy was killed in an open car in Dallas in the midst of the most hated--it's like the mood we're in right now.
Need Matthews be reminded that JFK was killed not by a hate-filled right-winger, but by a Communist who had spent time in the Soviet Union?  But any occasion is apparently good for Matthews to smear conservative opponents of Pres. Obama.

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