Oppose ObamaCare? You're 'Undermining The Country'

Latest dispatch from the "dissent is patriotic" front: if you oppose Pres. Obama in his health care initiative, you're "undermining the country."

None less than the great Howard Dean said so on this evening's Rachel Maddow show. 

Alison Stewart was filling in for the eponymous host.

HOWARD DEAN: When I was growing up in this country, Republicans and Democrats could actually sit down and have a sane conversation.  You might not agree but you could get stuff done.  This Republican party—this shrinking Republican party—is just determined to undermine President Obama. And unfortunately, you have to undermine the country in order to undermine the president.  I think that's too bad.

Will the MSM eventually get around to reporting the flaming hypocrisy of the dissent-is-patriotic crowd?

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