Gleeful Schultz On Sanford: 'I Have No Mercy Here'

A giddy, gleeful Ed Schultz delights in Mark Sanford's shame . . .

Boasting "I have no mercy here," the MSNBC host opened his show this evening with a five-minute dance on what he presumes to be Sanford's political grave.

View video here.

Excerpts from Schultz's unseemly display:

  • W-e-l-l-l! Another Republican sex scandal. [Said with lip-smacking delight.] Governor Mark Sanford cries and says he's sorry.  I say he's a hypocrite using taxpayer dollars.
  • W-e-l-l-l, what do we have here?  The Tabloid Party strikes again. Gosh: we've got another Jimmy Swaggart moment coming from the Republican party.
  • I have no mercy here.
  • He had this personal bombshell announcement: he's got girlfriend problems.  [Said with absolute mocking glee.]
  • I think the people of South Carolina should stand up tonight and call for the resignation of their governor, Mark Sanford.
  • He's hurt a lot of families [by opposing PBO's stimulus]. And I'll go so far as to say this guy can't even take care of his own family.
  • If you think that I'm piling on tonight, oh, listen to you Ed, holier than thou.  No, no, no, no, no.  It goes with the territory.
  • Stanford [sic] served in the Congress and was part of the Newt Gingrich revolution in 1994.  Looks to me like he took a lot of good notes from the Newtster on this issue [alluding to Newt's affair.]
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