Smith Wants Israel Stopped

We all know that for months, Harry Smith has been demanding that the international community force Hamas to stop shooting thousands of rockets into civilian areas of Israel. So Smith speaks with unique moral authority now in calling for Israel to be stopped.

Oh, wait. As far as I know, Smith never uttered a peep of protest over the Hamas bombardment of Israel.  But that didn't prevent the Early Show host from demanding this morning that someone in the US stand up to stop Israel from doing what no one else could or would. Smith served up some heaping hyperbole to make his case, claiming there is "no" food, water or electricity in Gaza.

View video here.

Smith's guest was NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
HARRY SMITH: You were in Israel last weekend. UN has suspended aid operations, the Red Cross has suspended aid operations.  There's no electricity, there's no food, there's no water. There's a civilian humanitarian crisis there. The UN has said it's time for a resolution even without the United States's vote.  When does someone in this country stand up and say: it's time to stop?

BLOOMBERG: .  . . The truth of the matter is, there's this terrorist organization lobbing rockets, killing people. Think about this Harry. If we were attacked, if somebody started lobbing rockets to us, what would we do?  We'd have to defend ourselves.  That's what the Israelis are doing.
Is that really so hard for Smith to see?

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