Consult Doctor if NBCer's Joke Lasts More Than Four Hours

September 10th, 2008 2:18 PM

You could see this one coming.  After Harry Smith called Sarah Palin "Geritol" for McCain, some MSM wag was sure to take things the next step. I'd say it just happened. NBC News DC bureau chief Mark Whitaker was chatting with Andrea Mitchell at 1:27 PM EDT today.

MARK WHITAKER: [People] want to see passion. They want to see that Obama, and the same thing is true of McCain, and we've seen him [show] a lot more passion since he picked Sarah Palin, it's definitely --

ANDREA MITCHELL: Someone described it as Geritol.

WHITAKER: Well, or something else. Put a little pep in his step!

Andrea's laugh left no doubt she knew just what Whitaker had in mind.