Olbermann: Hillary's Howard 'Tokyo Rose' for Working for Fox

Update | Aug. 27 4:15 PM: Wolfson Fires Back!

Saying he's "not gonna take any lectures on how to be a good Democrat from two people who spent the last two years relentlessly attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton," Wolfson has fired back at Matthews and Olbermann.  Noel Sheppard has the story here.


Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann put their own feud aside to agree on something tonight.  Hillary honcho Howard Wolfson is a puppet, nay, a Tokyo Rose traitor, for going to work for Fox News. It was the McCain campaign's use in its ads of Hillary's anti-Obama statements that triggered the outburst.
KEITH OLBERMANN: Irony upon irony, instead of the commercials designed to destroy Hillary Clinton, [the Republicans] are using Hillary Clinton in commercials designed to destroy the Democratic nominee.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Those are crocodile tears. And you wonder whether an objective person, either rational or post-rational, would be able to appreciate the fact that that's clear politics--nothing wrong with it.  But Republicans have no heart in Hillary Clinton's claim to the White House.  They villainized her for years. Their commercials, their attitudes are--you go to a Republican hangout, it's all anti-Hillary. That's their point of view. To now hold her up as some victim of some sort of foul play, of unfair politics, is a joke. But the funny thing about it is, they're enjoying it.  Fox News, for example, seems to enjoy it.  It's no accident, for example, that they hired Howard Wolfson.  They use him as some sort of, oh, little toy soldier waiting on the shelf.

OLBERMANN: Tokyo Rose was the thought that came to my mind.
View video here.

Just whom is Wolfson betraying in Olbermann's mind?  Obama, or could it be MSNBC itself, the diehard Dem network?

BONUS COVERAGE: Vote Obama or Die

Earlier [though I've put the video at the end of the link], Olbermann suggested that America's very survival hinges on Obama's election.  The notion came as Olbermann surmised that in their speeches, Hillary and Bill would do their best on Barack's behalf.
OLBERMANN: She lives in this world and so does Bill Clinton, and I think they as individuals, as Americans, do not believe the nation can survive four more years of Republican rule.
Since neither Hillary nor Bill have said anything nearly that melodramatic, we'll take that as Olbermann speaking his own heart.
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