Instead of Fainting, Now They're Falling Asleep

August 20th, 2008 1:11 PM

Remember the good old days?  Back during the Dem primaries? When Barack Obama was such an electrifying orator that women were regularly fainting at his rallies?  Ah, how times have changed.  Instead of knocking them out with his other-worldly aura, Obama's now . . . putting them to sleep.

Check out the woman in the lower-right hand corner of the video to your right, from CNN today during a live broadcast of Obama on the stump in Virginia.  No, I didn't catch her in mid-blink. 

As you'll see in the video, as Obama expounded on the horrors of the Bush economy, the woman falls into, then struggles out of, the arms of Morpheus.  (Watch video full-screen for best viewing.)

Could this be part of Obama's plan to reduce health-care costs?  Save millions on all those expensive sleeping-pill prescriptions. Just have the country tune into a cable channel playing a continuous loop of his speeches.

On a day when he's falling behind McCain in the polls, will the MSM report on how Obama has voters . . . falling asleep?

A close up still shot: