If Only That Texas Pol Cornered by Matthews Had Said This

February 20th, 2008 7:11 AM
Someone should tell Chris Matthews to go pick on someone his own size . . .

Matthews enjoyed himself at the expense of a local legislator during last night's MSNBC coverage of the primaries. Kirk Watson [shown in a clip from today's Morning Joe] is a state senator from Texas and an Obama supporter. Matthews cornered Watson at length over his inability to name specific accomplishments by Barack. Credit Kirk for keeping a smile on his face, but there's no denying he was put badly on the spot [HuffPo speaks of Matthews having humiliated the guy].

View the exchange here, via HuffPo.

But wasn't this the case of a major-league Hardball hurler polishing his stats at the expense of a minor leaguer? Has anyone seen Matthews go after any of Obama's heavy-hitting supporters with such a vengeance? Until Chris challenges the likes of John Kerry or Ted Kennedy -- not to mention Caroline Kennedy or Oprah Winfrey -- in the same aggressive fashion, it's hard to see last night's performance as other than easy pickings for a schoolyard bully.

And don't you wish Watson had had the presence of mind to say something like this?:
I'd say it's a pretty good accomplishment for Obama to be able to send a thrill up the leg of a middle-aged member of the MSM.
Note: Hillary's campaign loved Matthews's performance so much they've linked to the video at her official web site. Does this mean Hillary's hard-feelings toward MSNBC over Shuster are forgotten? Has Matthews gone from Media Matters's Public Enemy #1 to its new fave?