Huckabee Admits: He Will Accept Veep Spot

Well surprise, surprise!

He danced the complete Kabuki, right down to the mandatory move about considering John McCain for his VP slot. But at the end of the day, Mike Huckabee has admitted the obvious: he'll take the Veep nomination if John McCain offers it.

Huckabee was a guest on this morning's Today.

View video here.

MIKE HUCKABEE: Matt, we're still in this until somebody gets 1,191 delegates, the magic number to become the nominee. And until that happens, just ask the New York Giants what can happen near the end of the game.

MATT LAUER: Yeah, but you did not close the door on me there, Governor. Would you say this morning that you would consider at some point, if you don't think you can reach that magic number of delegates, would you consider the vice-presidential slot on a ticket with John McCain?

HUCKABEE: Well, let's go ahead and be honest now. Nobody ever wants the vice-president's job; nobody ever turns it down.
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