Stephanopoulos: Obama Could 'Win' CA, Romney Might 'Steal' It

When a Democrat pulls off an upset in California, it's a "win." If a disfavored Republican does the same, he's "stealing." Just ask George Stephanopoulos, appearing on today's Good Morning America.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS [pointing to map]: This is Barack Obama's targets tomorrow night, this is what I'm going to be watching. If he wins Massachussetts, where he's got the support of Ted Kennedy, he's going to have a good night. If he wins Missouri, right in the middle of the country, he's going to have a great night. If he wins California tomorrow night, it is going to be very hard to deny him the nomination.

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Robin Roberts was hopeful.

ROBIN ROBERTS: And it's conceivable he could, with the momentum he --

STEPHANOPOULOS: Absolutely he could. The 'x' factor is absentee voting. You've been allowed to vote in California since January 7th; Hillary Clinton is expected to have the lead among those early voters.

But when it came, a bit later, to handicapping the GOP field, Steph had a sudden change of lexicon.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Now Mitt Romney is doing the political equivalent of that Manning-Tyree pass we saw just a couple of minutes ago. He is flying across the country tonight, going to California, trying to steal the state from John McCain. If he can do that he stays alive; if not, he's done.

Bonus Coverage: High-Fivin' Hillary

That's an exultant Hillary high-fiving a fellow NY Giants fan at a Superbowl party she threw yesterday in Minnesota. Odds Hillary knows the names of three Giants other than Eli Manning?

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