McCain Method: Tell Republicans They're Racist, Wrong and Stupid

David Frum might not be every conservative's cup of tea. But un-fans of John McCain will find plenty to like in Frum's biting analysis of the Republican front-runner.

The former Bush speechwriter and author of Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again, was a guest on this evening's Tucker.

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DAVID FRUM: For the record, was it you who proclaimed John McCain the coolest candidate in American history in the year 2000?

TUCKER CARLSON: I still believe that, and John McCain is way more liberal than I am on a lot of things, and very annoying about it, often, from my point of view. But as a man, name another candidate who you'd like your son to grow up to be. Name one -- ever.

FRUM: You're right, he's an impressive guy; he's an impressive guy.
CARLSON: So what is this about? Other conservatives do not seem to feel the way I feel.

FRUM: People tend not to love those who don't love them back.

CARLSON: That's very . . . deep and true.

FRUM: John McCain has made it very clear over the last half-dozen years: he does not love the Republican party. He'll put up with it. He'll tolerate it. If they will follow him he will consent to lead them. But he does not love this party, and the party knows it. Plus there are the substantive issues, of which immigration is far and away the most important; it is a hugely important issue.

And a bit later . . .

FRUM: McCain doesn't just try to explain to the party why he disagrees. His method is to explain to the party why not only does he disagree, but they are racist and wrong and stupid for thinking the way they do, and people never like that.

And yet a bit later . . .

FRUM: He's not interested in the project of saving conservatism in the Republican party. He is really trying to build a personal movement with the Republican party as its vehicle.

BONUS COVERAGE: Check out this ripping anti-McCain TV ad that Tucker played at the beginning of the segment.

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