Carl Bernstein: One of Worst Nights of 'Shopworn' Hillary's Life

Carl Bernstein isn't just, on the basis of his Watergate-busting fame, a liberal icon. He's also a certified Hillary Clinton expert, having devoted years to researching and writing a definitive biography of her, A Woman in Charge. So his comments tonight on Hillary's graceless reaction to her stunning defeat at the hands of Barack Obama carry special weight, and are likely to reverberate through Dem circles. Here's Bernstein's brutal take, appearing on CNN .
CARL BERNSTEIN: One of the worst nights of Hillary Clinton's life. She had a chance at the end of the evening to be magnanimous, to say something about where her campaign is going to go. Instead she was shopworn, tired; it's exactly what they don't need, the Clinton campaign, and she's going to have an uphill fight from here in.

View the video here, not only to hear Bernstein's remarks, but to watch a Hillary acknowledge Obama's victory only in passing while spending most of the same sentence speaking of primaries to come.

Monitoring the coverage of liberal media outlets CNN and MSNBC this evening, it seems clear that MSM sentiment is largely anti-Hillary, pro-Obama. Keith Olbermann for one seemed patently frustrated by Hillary's unwillingness to frankly acknowledge her defeat.

Will the Dem primary electorate follow the anti-Hillary MSM lead or go its own way?

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